Advertise with Cardinal Motion


Why Advertise on a Podcast?

Advertising on a special-interest Podcast gives you the opportunity to maximize the quality of impressions you are making. When you advertise with Cardinal Motion, you know your target audience already shares an interest in your brand. (Imagine reaching your potential customers while they are exercising!) With a podcast, there is no need for a customer to make a purchase in order to hear your ad, and unlike traditional radio, that ad will exist on our website indefinitely to be heard by many other relevant users over time. It’s also a proven fact that podcast listeners are more engaged than terrestrial radio listeners. Lastly, we can’t help but to state the obvious: Advertising on a podcast is dramatically less expensive.

Simply put: your dollars go much further when you advertise on a Podcast.

What We Offer

Cardinal Motion currently offers packages for live-read Podcast Sponsors, and Website Display Ads. Depending on your needs, we can recommend the best possible services to maximize your budget. Please contact us to get started at