About Us

What is Cardinal Motion?

Cardinal Motion is a Fitness & Health Podcast based in the Triangle region of North Carolina that launched in January 2016. The show’s primary purpose is to provide a resource specific to Central North Carolina for runners, cyclists, and athletes of all kinds, where discussion can take place in a geographical context. We also strive to celebrate the diverse and growing running and cycling communities, and to highlight area experts as we delve into a variety of special topics important to living a healthy, active life. Our show hinges on the expertise of our many local guests which include doctors, nutritionists, athletes, and local business owners. In our first year, we plan to produce 40 new podcasts. Check our schedule for a list of upcoming topics, and feel free to contact us with a suggestion for a show. Thank you for listening!


Meet The Cardinal Motion Team

Ben McKeown, Founder & Co-Host

BenMcKeownBen is a Raleigh native who, like many of us, moved around a bit, but eventually wound up home. As a photojournalist and radio announcer, Ben has spent many years working in the Sports Industry. His first foray into radio was with the Raleigh sports station 850 “The Buzz” (which you may know now as 99.9 “The Fan”) and since then he has worked as a producer, morning show host, program director, and play-by-play announcer for a number of other stations.

About 7 years ago, Ben made the decision to change his health destiny and lost 80 lbs. In the process of meeting this goal, he developed a lifelong love for exercise, and adopted a plant-based diet. While his favorite way to unwind is running – trail running, to be specific – he also loves lifting (a vestige of his time as a high school football player), and is currently learning to love cycling. When Ben isn’t recording for Cardinal Motion, he’s a freelance photographer, working often with professional sports teams, and also specializing in portraits and wedding photography.


Tara Lynn Byelick, Co-Host

TaraLynnTara grew up dabbling in many different athletic endeavors, from driving a pedicab to taking up kickball, field hockey or pilates, but always gravitating towards things that brought her outside, closer to nature. Today she is primarily a runner and a weightlifter, but you also can find her biking on Greenways, taking the occasional yoga class, hiking, paddling at Lake Johnson, and in Alley Cat Races. Actually, you might say that Tara is a “try-athelete” because she’s constantly experimenting and will try anything that sounds fun. Isn’t that the whole point when you boil it down?

She maintains that the pursuit of fitness is what has given her the ability to handle life’s many challenges, from stress to romance. Yes, romance. It was while working as a Personal Trainer for a local gym that Tara met her romantic partner, and many years later, fitness remains a significant component of their relationship. Together they have trained for several half marathons, and she credits his balanced approach to nutrition with helping her to finally kick a sugar habit (that was bordering on addiction). Tara has spent more than a decade in the radio industry as a host and community liaison for WCPE 89.7 theClassicalStation.org. Her rare moments of spare time are spent enjoying a great meal and a killer bottle of wine with a few close friends, or taking in a chamber music performance.


Justin Nuzum, Producer

Displaying 10431Justin joined the Cardinal Motion team in early 2017 and helps the team schedule, market and produce the Cardinal Motion podcast. Justin grew up in Cary and played High School sports at Cary High before attending NC State. After college, Justin dropped 50 lbs through general fitness, including running the Tobacco Road Half Marathon in 2014 along with his wife, Chelsea. Currently Justin spends his days working for Citrix in downtown Raleigh.

Over the past 2 years, Justin has developed a passion for weight lifting, nutrition and spreading the word about fitness, which led him to helping with Cardinal Motion. You can find Justin in the local Fitness Connection at 5:45am each morning and meal prepping each Sunday afternoon. Outside of fitness, you’ll find Justin in downtown Raleigh exploring new restaurants or at home enjoying a craft beer or bottle of wine.

P.S – you can also find his cheerful face at the airport…..