Meet the Hosts: Tara Lynn

Introducing the people behind the microphones. Meet Tara Lynn, co-host of Cardinal Motion. Just for fun, she’s answered a few questions about herself. You can read more about our hosts, Tara Lynn and Ben on our About Us page.

What are your current fitness goals? 

I’m currently training for a spring half marathon. My goal is to beat my PR… which I hit a couple years ago. I’m slowly getting back to where I was before I fractured my leg in two places.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? 

My New Year’s Resolutions are to let go of the things beyond my control, and give myself more credit for my accomplishments.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

I was really, really proud to run a half marathon a year and a half after breaking my leg… and then run a second one in the same year (especially because the first one didn’t go very well). I’m also proud of the skills I’ve developed to overcome my shyness. I put myself in uncomfortable situations all the time so that I can grow (e.g. moderating a panel discussion at a local bookstore, doing stage announcements at Summerfest, volunteering to do outreach for a local nonprofit organization, soliciting rides as a rickshaw driver, taking a part time sales job, etc.)

Do you have any pre-race rituals? 

Freaking out. Seriously. I have the worst nerves. I second guess everything even though I wouldn’t dare change anything. I also like to have Mexican food the night before a race, but anything well-balanced and nutritious will work. I don’t carb-load. For bike races, I like to eat Chinese half an hour beforehand.

Any one person you particularly admire? 

Usain Bolt! I love to see him break out those dancehall moves after he wins a race. I’m also in awe of our local ballet dancers. I have watched them in rehearsal-it’s so grueling!

What’s in your workout playlist right now? 

For running- Tanlines. Haim. Washed Out. I used to listen to reggae and hip hop but I’ve found I can better control my stress levels with something slow. Nothing too exciting or upbeat. I don’t listen to anything when I lift weights.

What’s the wackiest thing that’s ever happened to you on the radio? 

There was this giant, long rumble that shook the floor, the mics, everything. I was thinking, is this an earthquake? Should I panic? Should the show go on? I was terrified, but I just kept talking because no one else looked even slightly alarmed. Turns out that it was a dynamite blast at a nearby construction site.

What is your fantasy career? 

I have two. 1) Being a travel writer; 2) Running a B&B in a warm, mountainous region where I can be coordinator, guide and “pack mule” for visitors who want to have great outdoor experiences- with fancy drinks and snacks.

What is your favorite stress reliever? 

Renting a kayak for an hour at Lake Johnson. Ten feet away from the beach I’ve forgotten everything except my own peace.

Describe your ideal day. 

First, it’s at least 80 degrees, with at least 12 hours of sunlight. At least 8 hours spent outdoors. There are at least 5 meals involved, and at least two forms of exercise. No cell phones. No formal plans. No driving.

What was your major in college? 

I majored in (cultural) Anthropology and minored in African Studies.

What is the last thing you ate? 

Hummus & veggies (carrots, tomatoes, celery)

What is always in your kitchen?

Peanut butter, cumin, turmeric, onions & garlic, cantaloupe, cranberry juice, lettuce (or some other greens), ancient grains, almond milk, Greens Plus +bar, aged balsamic vinegar, bitters & shrubs, carbonated water, my crockpot, and a dog (who hopes I’ve dropped crumbs)

Do you have a guilty pleasure? 

You don’t really want the whole list, do you? Let’s start with really dark chocolate, port, and sherry.


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